Should You Choose the Same Car Dealership When You Want a New Car?

Car Sales Consultant Showing a New Car to a Potential Buyer in Showroom

Sometimes you are just not quite sure whether to choose the same car dealership as last time or look for a new one. Well to be frank the main question is, were you satisfied with their service? Do they offer the best and top quality products? And most importantly, are you happy working with them? These are the questions that you should answer.

In general, car dealers are motivated to help you in your transportation needs and if their efforts are evident and satisfying, then I could not think of a reason why you shouldn’t choose them again. On the other hand, if they made your life a huge hassle and left you unsatisfied, maybe it’s time to move on and choose a new dealership.

Provided You a Great Deal

Did they give you a great deal the first time around? If yes, then I think you should work with them once more but if it is the opposite I think it is best to look for alternative options. To add, every time you work with a car dealership, do not hesitate to ask them questions. This way, your dealer would also know your needs so that he or she can help you get what you need.

Great Follow-up Service

A good car dealer provides consistent quality service to each of their clients. Their follow-up service should be as good as when you first entered their establishment. If your previous dealer has these types of qualities, then you should not waste your time looking for another dealer.

Do you Feel Comfortable working with the Same Dealer?

If the answer is yes then you need not look for a new car dealer just for the sake of it. As mentioned earlier, if they have provided you with great quality service and met your expectations, stay with that dealership. Moreover, working with a dealer in which you have established a good relationship with is beneficial for you. Who knows? If there are promos available and since you are their regular customer, there is a big chance that they will give you another great deal but this time with a better car!

Working with a trustworthy dealer will save you time and energy. Why engage yourself with more hassle when the deal that you are looking for is right in front of you the whole time. In the contrary, if you feel that you are not comfortable working with your previous dealer, then don’t force the issue.

Remember to also take into account the kind of reputation your previous car dealer has and if whether they are really motivated in helping people with their car needs. To know more about good car dealerships click here.

Top 5 Hatchbacks With Second Row Leg Room

Are you looking for something that’s a little bigger than a standard car in cargo space but isn’t quite as large as an SUV? Then you’re probably looking at a hatchback. These vehicles are definitely gaining in popularity among those who really like to get out on the weekends and have some fun off the trails.

honda-fitIf you’re looking for a vehicle that combines the high gas mileage and low price of a sedan with the size of a small SUV you’re definitely going to want the Honda Fit. With 39.1 inches of leg room in the second row you’re going to have no problem getting everyone in. What’s even better, this vehicle has some of the best features you’re going to find anywhere.

kia-soulAnother vehicle that offers the same amount of leg room is the Kia Soul. This vehicle is actually larger on the inside than you might think and it feels a whole lot more comfortable for most as well. Not only that but you’re going to get some pretty good gas mileage and all for a very low price. Sometimes considered a subcompact car, the Kia Soul will help you and your family stay comfortable on the inside and have no problem driving all through the city.

nissan-versa-noteThis vehicle may have the design of a sleek looking minivan, but it’s definitely not one because the Nissan Versa Note is designed to get you everything you want for less money and less gas cost too. It’s a really inexpensive option and it has some of the best mileage you’ll find anywhere. Not to mention with 38.3 inches of leg space in the back seat you’re going to have no problem getting people inside.

toyota-prius-vIf you want several options you’re definitely going to want to check out the Toyota Prius V. It has some good space in the backseat with 35.9 inches but the best part is you’re going to have no problem finding something even better. You get excellent gas mileage because this vehicle is offered in a hybrid version to get even more mileage. This is a great way to help the environment as well as your family.

kia-forte5With the Kia Forte5 you’re going to pay a little bit more, but still less than $20,000 and you’re still going to get some pretty great gas mileage to go along with it. This Kia is made to take you wherever you want to go and make sure that you’re going to enjoy the drive immensely. After all, this vehicle is built with plenty of luxury available, plus you get 35.9 inches of space in the second row, which is definitely going to be enough for anyone you want to bring on your next trip.

Buying a Car Online

Not many people think about purchasing cars online but it’s actually a reasonable idea in many cases. After all, if you’re searching only in your area you’re going to be limited on the vehicles that you can get. You could end up unable to find something that’s in your price range or that you really like. So why not expand your search a little and see what else might be out there for you to check out? You never know what you could find when you look at least a little bit further than your own backyard.

For one thing, cars are allowed to be bought and sold in all different ways. You’ll be able to use your loan on some of them as well but you’ll have to check out all the terms. For example, you’ll need to consider what is really available when it’s time for you to get that loan. Some companies want to deal with only local businesses while others may allow you a whole lot more freedom. You have to speak with the company that’s giving you the loan to find out what the restrictions are and how you can get money to someone in another area.

If you’re buying online you’ll also be able to compare prices even better. Some companies offer different rates depending on where you buy it from. So you might be able to get a vehicle that you’ve been looking at in your area for a lower price by going out of town to get it instead. Make sure you know what the best deals are in your area before you get online so that you’re making good comparisons and you’re not spending more money on something you could get for less nearby.

Also look at different types of vehicles. People in your area may not have some of the vehicles that are available if you expand the search. There could be many reasons for that so make sure you check on any restrictions in your area but look at what’s out there. You could find something used that you were only going to be able to get brand new in your area. There’s plenty to see and you’re going to love just how easy it is to purchase the vehicle online as well.

If you’re looking at buying a car you definitely want to look at what’s online and where you can find different options. It’s definitely going to be a lot better for your wallet in the end and you could end up with something closer to what you really wanted in the first place. After all, your new car should be just what you want and not something you had to settle on. So get out there where there are more options and make sure you’re getting just that. If you need help with the loan you can even check out more information or get started on the application right here. There’s plenty out there for you.

Common Mistakes People Make When Buying Cars in Vancover


car-buyingIt is strange how people make mistakes when buying cars for the first time. The happiness and excitement that often comes along with owning a car for the first time simply blinds them to a point where they ignore or underestimate the value of some processes that one needs to observe when buying a car. One then comes to realize when it is too late that they should have done certain things before buying the car. In short, they realize that they made mistakes. Such mistakes include the following mistakes which happen to be extremely common.

Doing it all alone


Nearly all journals on how to buy a car today will hint a thing or two about seeking the help of an expert when looking for a car. Take such factors into account. Simply ask a friend who knows more about cars to help you shop for a car. This should not be a problem because nearly everyone often has that friend who is just crazy about cars. If for one reason or another you do not have someone whose opinion you can trust, look for a mechanic and request him to accompany you to a car dealership for purposes of advising you which car to buy on the budget you have.

Considering aesthetics alone

AAfnvTCCars are designed in such a way that they just have to impress potential buyers the first time they see them. There are just a few cars out there that have their aesthetics wrong. This explains why most first time car buyers often consider aesthetics at the expense of the actual car performance. Consider aesthetics but then again consider performance. How does the engine perform? How does the car accelerate? Are the seat belts and the air bag in good condition? You will only know the answers to these questions once you take that car for a test drive.

Keeping silent

It is easy to get intimidated when buying a car for the first time. But that does not mean that you shouldn’t ask for clarification on a car factors that you either don’t understand or know nothing at all about. This happens to be one of the most common mistakes first time car buyers make all the time. It is easy to say that the dealer always has an upper hand when it comes to car matters and that the dealer may make you look stupid. Some actually say that asking some questions may make them look stupid. Truth is, there can never be a stupid question. Your desired car is a treasured asset, though you do not have it already. So ask as many questions about it as you can.

Impulse buying

guide-to-buying-carThis happens all the time. It however, affects first time car buyers than their seasoned counterparts. One sees a poster claiming that the car on offer is the last one left. Such advertisements creates ‘scarcity’ that does not exist. They are meant to send buyers into impulse buying sprees. Take your time to know what else the market has in store for you. Also, take some time considering an auto loan company that can help you know your options. Learn more about your car loan options in Vancouver, BC now!